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Health Plan Change

Ask Yourself Questions

Your health care is important. Being enrolled in the Health Plan that works best for you and your family is also important. Ask yourself some questions before changing your Health Plan:

What services do I think I need? Doctor’s visits?

What Health Plan do my doctors take?

What kind of doctors do I need? Pediatrician? Family doctor?

What extra benefits meet my needs?

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Health Plans and Providers Available to Me

Compare Health Plans

Learn about Health Plans available in your area. Compare different benefits and providers offered by the Health Plans.

Compare Health Plans

Find a Provider

If you would like to look for providers participating with the health plan, search our provider directory.

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I Would Like to Change
My Health Plan

Change health plans Online

Log in to the member portal to change your Health Plan. We will walk you through the process of changing your Health Plan.

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Other Ways to Change your Health Plan

If you are unable to change health plans online at this time, there are several other options available to you.

Other Ways to Make a Change